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Top Tips from a CFP Professional

Investment Financial Planning

"If you can’t start early, start now," says Arthur J.W. Ebersole, CFP and founder and CEO of Ebersole Financial. “Getting into the [savings] habit sooner rather than later will pay dividends over the longer term.” This is because the dollars you invest initially have more time to grow until retirement.

I was recently quoted in this article at Acorns:  https://grow.acorns.com/top-money-tips-from-certified-financial-planners/

Managing your finances doesn't need to be complex, but you need to get started now. There is no time like the present. 

Key takeaways:

1. Start early with your savings habit

2. Start now if you can't start early

3. Compound interest is a powerful force if we give it enough time to work

4. Invest in line with your level of risk tolerance, but don't be too timid. You may be able to bear more risk and achieve higher returns than you thought. Consult a professional to help you develop an appropriate investment plan

5. Stay invested in good times and bad

6. Live beneath your means

7. Small sacrifices today may add up to large gains in the future

8. Enjoy yourself along the way and always keep learning