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Reflections on the Current Market Environment - New Investor Edition Thumbnail

Reflections on the Current Market Environment - New Investor Edition

The current level of the stock market is an enigma for many. Stocks appear to be reflecting rosy future growth projections and many large cap index funds are seeing their returns driven primarily by the growth of stocks like Apple, Google, Facebook, Netflix, Tesla, Microsoft and Amazon. For any new investor, this frothy environment represents a difficult starting point for their portfolio. The good news is that if you have a long term time horizon, namely more than ten year and up to 50 years depending upon your current age, the stock market is still a great tool for you to help grow your savings. Distortions within indices tend to be temporary and over the long term the index will readjust to reflect the performance of the index asset class.

Year-end Planning Checklist - Holiday Edition Thumbnail

Year-end Planning Checklist - Holiday Edition

With the onset of November comes the realization that we are quickly closing in on year's end. This brings with it the nagging feeling that there is a lot to do and that things will only get busier from here on out. If you aren't already checking your list (maybe twice), now is the time to make sure that nothing slips through the cracks as the Holidays sneak up on us.