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Hedge Funds vs. Private Equity: A Quick Overview Thumbnail

Hedge Funds vs. Private Equity: A Quick Overview

The term hedge fund has evolved from the early days when hedge funds actually hedged their positions as compared to the general markets. Today, though, hedge funds are private investment funds that follow a variety of strategies (Global Macro, market neutral, Long/Short, commodities, etc.) many using leverage, in order to generate outsized returns (many times with outsized risks) versus the market. In many ways they are less-regulated mutual funds with higher fees. Their performance across time has been shown to be relatively average (with high costs) and many large institutions have begun to pare back their exposure to the funds.

How To Build An Emergency Fund Thumbnail

How To Build An Emergency Fund

One of the most important resources in your financial life is a well-stocked emergency fund, an account to tap when an unexpected event derails your financial plans. "The purpose of this money is that it’s like an insurance policy," says Jamie Ebersole, a certified financial planner in Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts. "You might not see a lot of return from it, but you're happy (it's there) when you need it."