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We make every decision as if we were making it for our own family. 

At Ebersole Financial, we believe that investors' needs should always come first.  We don't sell products, nor do we accept commissions on any recommendations that we provide to you.  This allows us to provide you with the advice you need and helps us minimize conflicts of interest. We don't think that merely suitable is an appropriate criterion for your investments and the advice you receive.

What we believe...

  • Your advisor should only be working for you. Ebersole Financial LLC is a registered investment advisor with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We are independent, sell no products and accept no commissions. Compared to many of our competitors, this means that we work for you and we put your interests first, not the interests of a corporation and its bottom line. By maintaining our independence, we can provide you with advice tailored to your situation and not focused on selling this month's hot offering.  
  • Fiduciary is not a bad word. As a fiduciary we place your interests above our own. This helps reduce some of the conflicts of interest that can appear in relationships with other non-fiduciary advisors. Plus, it just feels right.
  • A well-developed and implemented long term strategy should help you ignore the distractions of the financial media. Everywhere we turn these days, whether on Twitter, Facebook, CNBC or CNN, pundits are providing us with myriad opinions on why stocks are moving and how the stock market will perform in the future.  We believe that the financial media, including economists and strategists for most major firms, exist to sell products, not to provide you with useful information. By tuning out the din of the financial media and focusing on long-term, proven investment strategies, we will help you avoid the mistakes many retail investors make and help you maximize your returns.   
  • Your investment strategy should reflect your values. At Ebersole Financial, we work with you to identify what is truly important to you and we incorporate your values into your investment approach. Some clients value market-based returns and a focus on low-costs. Other clients are concerned about the impact of carbon emissions on the environment. Still others are interested in gender-equality and local issues. In each case, Ebersole Financial will work with you to develop a plan that helps you achieve your goals.