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Investment Management

At Ebersole Financial we help you manage your investments so you can focus on the other important areas of your life. Our approach relies heavily upon academic research that indicates that long-term, low-cost, market-oriented strategies give you the best chance to achieve your goals. We don't chase performance.

Our core tenets:

1. Focus on controlling the things you can control.  We believe that controlling operating costs and managing risk through proper diversification and asset allocation are a winning strategy. We don't try to actively beat the markets as that has proven a losing proposition for the vast majority of active investors over the long run. 

2. Let the markets and time work for you.  It is expensive and difficult to beat the market.  We advocate using market-based mutual funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors and index-oriented mutual funds and ETFs from firms like Vanguard and BlackRock to ensure we are taking advantage of market levels of return. By investing in strategies based upon well-tested academic theory and by keeping costs low, we can take advantage of market level returns for the long term.  

3. Develop a plan and stick to it.  At Ebersole Financial we believe it is critical to have a long-term plan and to stick to it. The average investor is prone to moving in and out of stocks at exactly the wrong time because they don't have a long term plan. They tend to be overly focused on short term market movements that can cause them to make bad decisions. We will work with you to develop an investment policy statement (IPS) that captures your unique circumstances, risk tolerance and long term investment goals. We will then build a low-cost, diversified portfolio to help you reach those goals. We harness the power of markets and market level returns to help you avoid mistakes and reach your long term financial goals. 

4. Values-based investing doesn't necessarily mean underperformance. ESG, SRI and impact investing are growing areas of interest for our clients and a passion of our founder.  The development of new technologies and investment products focused on values-oriented investing means there are many ways to incorporate such an approach into your portfolio without sacrificing returns. Whether you are concerned about global carbon emissions, gender-equality, or areas such as environmental stewardship or firearms, we can help you build a portfolio and investment approach in-line with your values.