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We are here to help you achieve your financial goals for the next year, the next decade and the next generation.

Ebersole Financial offers financial planning for all stages of life. We are ready to guide you as you plan funding for your children’s education, for your retirement or to meet another life goal. We work with executives to help them understand their RSAs, RSUs, ISOs and NQSOs. We work with seniors to develop spending plans to meet their active lifestyles. And in today’s dynamic career environment, we are ready to counsel the youngest working generation as they manage 401(k)s and other benefits as they transition between jobs. Let us tailor a personalized and well-designed plan that will help you implement financial solutions and realize your goals. You don't need to and shouldn't make these important life decisions alone. 

We believe that there is a strong link between financial planning and investment management, and coordinating these activities is key to achieving your goals.  Based upon our expertise, investment management is a core element of the services we provide for our clients.  Mr. Ebersole’s extensive background in private equity and the institutional asset-management world give him a unique perspective on investment opportunities. He specializes in bringing the skills and focus of institutional investors to the individual investor. For more information about our services and fees, please see our Form ADV and our Fee Table

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Here are some of the ways we work with our clients.

Case Studies



Young Family
You are recently married and have your first child on the way. You have few investment assets but a lot of questions about the steps you need to take to get started in the right direction. 
Targeted Strike Planning Package
We will work with you to develop a targeted financial plan focused on the 3-5 key priorities at your stage of life. This may include budgeting, insurance needs, maximizing work benefits including retirement accounts and a strategy for saving for a home and the expenses of a growing family.  
Do-it yourself Investor
You have accumulated significant assets and consider yourself a DIY investor. You also see the value in having an expert help you think through and implement your strategy, as two heads are better than one.  
Portfolio Monitoring
We will work with you to review, assess and manage your existing portfolio on a non-discretionary basis. You keep your assets wherever you like and you manage the portfolio. We will provide the advice and ideas. 
Female Executives
You are a busy executive in a high-paced firm with barely enough hours in the day. In addition to your day job, you are dealing with the complexities of RSAs, RSUs, ISOs and a compendium of other abbreviations that make your head spin.
Integrated Investment Management and Financial Planning
We work with you and your team of existing advisors (CPA, Estate Planning Attorney) to develop a comprehensive financial plan that includes integrated investment management. By integrating investment planning, tax planning and estate planning considerations, we can help you maximize your wealth while reducing your stress. 
Successful Investor
You've built and managed your portfolio on your own and you are looking for some peace of mind that you are making good choices. Or, maybe you are working with an advisor and have questions about your portfolio but don't know the right questions to ask.  
Portfolio Review / Second Opinion
We work with you to review your portfolio to answer whatever questions you may have. Amongst other things, we review performance, asset allocations, costs, and individual mutual funds and stocks. There is never a bad time for a second opinion.